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Requesting Multiple Copies of a Book on SILO ILL

revised 5-18-2000

If you need multiple copies of a book and it is not listed on the Book Discussion Books web page, you can still request multiple copies through SILO. This method ensures that you are asking only those libraries who own the book, (rather than having 600+ librarians run to their catalog or shelves) and the statistics for Access Plus are kept by the SILO ILL system!

The best way to do this is to put in separate requests for each copy, using different lending libraries for each request.  (Use the drop boxes at the bottom of the SILO request form to change the libraries that will receive your request)

(Note:  This method is necessary because, when you fill in 5 locations on a request form, these are possible loaning libraries for one copy only.  If the first library on the list fills the request, the other libraries will not even see the request.)

Detailed Instructions:

1. Log on to SILO ILL at:
2. At the SILO Master Menu, select:   "Search SILO Locator" and click on "Submit Request"
3. Type in the keywords for the desired book and click on "Send Query."
4. From the list of "hits," click on the Record # of the appropriate citation in order to display the full citation.    (If there is a copy of the title which is owned by many libraries, select that record.)
5. Click on "Interlibrary Loan Request Form."
6. For the first copy: in the "Locations" boxes, leave the first library listed in Location 1.  For other "Locations" boxes, click on the down-turned arrow to the right of the box and select "No Locator Choice" from the end of the list.   Submit the request.
To continue requesting multiple copies:
   For each additional copy:

  • Choose the "Brief Listing" link from the confirmation page.  This will take you back to the "hit" list. 
  • Click on the same record as you selected for the first request.
  • Click on "Interlibrary Loan Request Form."
  • In the "Location 1" box, click on the downturned arrow to the right of the box and select a different library than you have selected for other copies.

This method requests each copy from only one library at a time.  If that library cannot fill the request, you can request from another library by following the above procedure but selecting a library further down the list, from which you have not requested a copy already.

(Advanced tip:  If there are many libraries who own the book you can certainly fill in more than one location for each copy; if you do this and the first library cannot fill the request it will automatically go on to the next library on the list.  Just be certain you are filling in different libraries on each request so no library could get more than 1 request for the book.

If there is no record listed with many locations, or if there are many records for that title on the list of hits, you may make the requests by individually selecting each record on the list and submitting an Interlibrary Loan form.

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