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School Media Centers in Iowa

District School Building System Contact in media center
Belmond-Klemme K-12 Follett Pam Moeller
Carlisle Community Schools Carlisle Community Schools Athena (Sagebrush) Maleea Dudney
Cedar Rapids Community Schools Cedar Rapids Community Schools Winnebago Spectrum Jo Bader
Colleen Kemps
Central Community Schools (Elkader) Central Community Schools Winnebago Spectrum  
Clear Lake High School Follett Lisa Pope
Clear Lake Middle School & Lincoln Elem. Folett Brenda Steen
Des Moines Public Schools Roosevelt High School Winnebago Spectrum 4.7/Sagebrush
Dunkerton CSD Dunkerton CSD Follett 4.1 (networked between 2 schools) Judi Siler
Fairfield Community Schools Fairfield Community Schools Concourse / Book Systems Dee Ann Lantz
Sue Kientz  (High School)
Garner Hayfield K-8 Winnebago Spectrum 4.5.1 Dawn Bassett
Garner Hayfield High School Surpass Denise Linneman
Harris-Lake Park Elementary and Middle School/High School Winnebago/Spectrum Deb Morrow
Humboldt Humboldt Junior High School Winnebago Spectrum 4.5.1 Kay Muller
Iowa Braille School   Follett Unison 1.6 Dotta Hassman
Iowa City Schools secondary schools Winnebago DOS version
Iowa City elementary schools Winnebago Mac version  
Knoxville Community Schools all buildings Winnebago Spectrum 4.1 (Windows)
Lake Mills Community K-12 Alexandria  
Nashua-Plainfield Nashua-Plainfield High School Alexandria/COMPanion Corp.  
Newman Catholic Middle School/ High School Winnebago Spectrum Sheila Bash
North Central K-12 Alexandria  
North Polk 7-12 Winnebago Spectrum 4.5.1 Patricia Moore
Northwood Kensett K-12 Winnebago Spectrum  
Oelwein K-12 (all bldgs) Alexandria/COMPanion Corp Ruth Brandt
Osage all schools current Windows version of Follett  
Roland-Story Roland-Story High School Winnebago Spectrum Susan Forsling
Rudd-Rockford-Marble Rock K-12 Chancery Library Pro Carol Burnett
St. Ansgar K-12 Companion/Alexandria Martha Chancellor
Solon Community School District K-12 Follett/InfoCentre Kathy Kaldenberg
South O'Brien High School SIRS Mandarin Susan Radosti
Ventura K-12 Follett  
Vinton-Shellsburg K-12 Winnebago Spectrum Sandra Huemann-Kelly
Waterloo Irving Elementary Athena 7.1 Chris Murphy
Waukee Eason Elementary Follett (DOS) Rebecca Pasheck
Waukee Waukee Elementary Follett (MAC) Rebecca Pasheck
Winterset Winterset Community School Alexandria COMPanion Leah Krohn
Woden-Crystal Lake-Titonka K-5 & High School Follett  

If you would like to have your media center(s) included on this list, please send info to:

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