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Useful Websites

bullet Iowa Workforce Development
bullet CareerOneStop
bullet Job Seeker Survival Guide
bulletJob Seeker Tools
Workforce development professionals, job seekers, and public users rated more than 600 online job and career tools.
bulletIowaLincs GED information--If you're looking to improve your marketability with a GED

General Guides

bullet  Resource Guide for Job Seekers; a step-by-step guide to dealing with a job loss, starting a new job and everything in between (Iowa Workforce Development)

Dealing with unemployment, job seeker do's and don'ts, online application tips, resumes, cover letters, ten steps of a job search, job search websites.

Creative Job Search Online Guide (Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development)
bullet Help and FAQs--Finding a Job (Career InfoNet)
bullet Job Hunting After Job Loss
A supplement to the book
What Color Is Your Parachute?
bullet Career Development and Job Searching @ your library

General Articles, Blog Posts, etc.

bullet "America's best-paying blue collar jobs,"  Klaus Kneale,
bulletUsing the Library to Build Your Brand 
bulletA second language:  your key to increased opportunity and greater earning capacity
bulletJob dislocation: making smart financial choices after a job loss.  From the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority


bullet Money Management Resources for the Unemployed (WA Dept of Financial Institutions)
Though from Washington, only a few are specific to just the state of Washington.  Includes:
Credit and Debt Help, Avoiding Frauds and Scams, Trouble Paying Your Mortgage--Avoiding Foreclosure,
Cutting Expenses, Budgeting and Managing Money, Retirement Accounts and Health Care Coverage, Taxes

Job Listing Sites

bullet Iowa Workforce Development Job Listings
bullet JobCentral National Labor Exchange
bulletFederal Government Jobs
bulletJob List sites, arranged by type of job  (New York Public LIbrary)


bullet Advice for librarian job applicants
But advice for everyone!
bullet The best cover letter I ever received  
Tips for writing a cover letter
bulletTHE Jobseeker's Top 10 List  
10 strategies to help you gain an edge in a tough employment market


bullet"Job interview tips," Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-2009 ed.
bullet How to ace a phone interview 
bullet"How to handle your job interview successfully" from Pam Pohly's Net Guide

How-To Guides and Tutorials

Creating Resumes

Video/Screencast Tutorials
bullet Creating a Resume in Word 2007
bullet Resumes templates for Microsoft Word
bullet “Build the résumé employers want,” by Barbara Mulligan.
bullet "Résumés--creative job search article.” Minnesota Dept. of Employment and Economic Development
bullet “Electronic résumés,”  Oakton Community College.
bullet PongoRésumé—Tips and Advice  (Site also has free trial of résumé builder)
bullet Career Advice—Résumé Development, Duke University
bullet Résumé Tutor, University of Minnesota
bullet Applying for a job,” Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-09 edition.


Print Help Sheets
bulletCreating a resume in Microsoft Word (2005)
bulletCreating a resume in Microsoft Publisher (2005)


Creating free e-mail accounts (for online job applicants)

Video/Screencast Tutorials
bulletCreating Hotmail account

   (voice is quite soft, but otherwise quite clear)
bulletCreating Hotmail account (in Spanish)
bulletCreating a Gmail account 
Step by Step lesson (makes assumption that you can get to Google without instruction...)
bullet Setting Up a Gmail Account (Richmond Public Library)
bullet Setting Up a Hotmail Account (Richmond Public Library)
bullet Creating a Gmail Account


Print Help Sheets
bulletSetting Up an E-mail account with Yahoo Mail  (2005)
bulletSetting Up an E-mail account with Hotmail (2005)

E-mailing an Attachment with Yahoo! Mail® (6/28/05) (to attach resumes, etc)


E-mailing and Attachment with  HotMail® (6/28/05) (to attache resumes, etc.)


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