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E-ref Characteristics   "These observations are based on three years of information referral in bulletin board format (10 hours/week), one and a half years in chat (3 hours/week, 20 person "room" capacity), and, at the Morris County Library, a year and a half of e-ref via web form submissions."

Statistics, Measures, and Quality Standards for Assessing Digital Reference Library Services: Guidelines and Procedures (2002)

Library Network Statistics and Performance Measures
Statistics and performance measures for computers and electronic resources in libraries; these stats and measures are similar to those we currently keep for more traditional library services.  These data elements may also help libraries to plan for keeping statistics that tell more of the story of what you do in the library--beyond circulation!

Development of National Library Network Statistics and Performance Measures
(You may want to particularly look at "Proposed Data Elements/Statistics" and "Proposed Performance Measures", under "New Information")

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