An  "I Read" list, from the librarians on Iowa's iread e-maillist

"New Classic" Non Fiction
Our favorites of "newer old" nonfiction--with staying power!

The Longest Day,  by Cornelius Ryan
The first and still one of the best, it recounts the D-Day Invasion from preparation to execution.  One
tidbit - many of the code words used during the operation showed up in the London Times crossword puzzles in the days preceding 
June 6 causing the planners to wonder if there was a spy in their midst.

The Brethren,  by Bob Woodward 
An in-depth look at the Supreme Court that has never been matched before or since.  Although the main
characters are no longer on the Court (and most, if not all, have since passed away), it gives a behind-the-scenes look at how the Court
operates and comes to its decisions - and that hasn't changed.

The Right Stuff,  by Tom Wolfe 
A recounting of the early years of America's space program and the original seven fighter jet pilots who
were chosen to be the first astronauts.
House, by Tracy Kidder
The planning and building of a house, from the points of view of the owners, the carpenters, and the architect--a nonfiction that reads like a novel.
The soul of a new machine, by Tracy Kidder
The engineers of Data General take on the challenge of designing and building a new 32-bit minicomputer in the 1970's.  Take a look into the culture
 of technology engineering--when it was first becoming what we know it as today.






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