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Libraries may wish to involve daycare providers in their efforts to build early childhood literacy skills.  The following materials are designed to teach caregivers about the importance of early childhood literacy and to give them ideas for building literacy skills with the children in their care.

Kits for Caregivers:

 Libraries may borrow these kits to lend to daycare providers or to use as examples for creating their own kits.  Kits are available from Southwest Iowa Library Service Area by emailing (please put "storytime kits" in the subject line) or by phoning 712-328-9218.

bullet"Moonbeams" for daycare providers; includes moon stencils and a counting activity.  For suggested books to use with this kit, click here.
bullet"Little Miss -- or Mister -- Manners" -- This online kit includes instructions for libraries.  Libraries might use this as a template for creating their own kits.
bullet"Monkeyshines" -- emphasizes Print Motivation.
bullet"Pockets" -- this kit emphasizes Vocabulary.  It includes rhymes, activities, flannelboard pieces and book suggestions.

Newsletters for Daycare Providers:

These one-page newsletters -- in Microsoft Publisher format -- are designed for libraries to print and distribute to daycare providers.  They may be customized with your library name and dated (if desired).  More issues will be added periodically.

Volume One, Issue One -- featuring the skill "Vocabulary."
Volume One, Issue Two -- featuring the skill "Letter Knowledge."
Volume One, Issue Three -- featuring the skill "Phonological Awareness."
Volume One, Issue Four -- featuring the skill "Print Motivation." 
Volume One, Issue Five -- featuring the skill "Print Awareness."  
Volume One, Issue Six -- featuring the skill "Narrative Skills."

Volume Two, Issue One -- featuring the skill "Vocabulary."
Volume Two, Issue Two -- featuring the skill "Narrative Skills." Volume Two, Issue Three -- featuring "Dialogic Reading" to build "Narrative Skills."
Volume Two, Issue Four -- discusses the importance of repetition in building early literacy skills
Volume Two, Issue Five -- featuring tips for better storytimes (added 7/8/2010)
Volume Two, Issue Six -- features a Halloween theme. (added 7/9/2010)

Volume Three, Issue One -- Books for Babies! (added 2/22/11)
Volume Three, Issue Two -- Make Letter Learning Fun! (added 4/28/2011)


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